Entrevista en Expressen

Dan Hallemar, periodista de Expressen diario de suiza, me ha hecho una entrevista.


Para leer la entrevista ( en inglés) haz click en el siguiente link.

What did you do with your first doll?
When i was a little girl, i dont like plastic dolls at all. I dont like barbies because her figure was too sexy not cute at all, i have a Hugga Bunch who was a plush doll that i love. Well, my interest of dolls star when i saw Gina Garan’s book “This is Blythe” and i fall in love with Blythes and her story. I love her expressions and they are so photogenics!!

What did you do with your first doll?

Blythe doll is almost a doll to collect but i buy my first doll knowing i dont want more than her. The first day she arrive to me i change her completely to make her like i want it.

What was/is it that you like about them, which role do they play in your life?
To me, Lupita is like my little friend. I carry Lupita with me everywhere in my bag and i love to take her photos in differents places. She is also the model of my little shop http://elblogdelupi.com/ and my inspiration to create differents clothes for Blythes.

If you look at the bjd-movement, and other exklusive dolls and such for a generation who is not the classic doll player, what do you see that drive this culture? What kind of ideas, and needs?
The doll movement is almost like a pararel world tome, who the owners can express therselfs trough photos, choosing the style or they dolls. I think you can found all of ideas posibles you can find in the real world, there is innocence but violence too, is a way for expression. To play is something so important and when we grow up we lost that, some of us dont want to loose the child spirit. This is something that you can enjoy so much!!

I look upon tis movement much as a will to create somethig by yourself, something that is not a ready-made thing, and that this is a will that is getting stronger in our societey, not to buy the stuff that, well, Disney or other companys has fulfilled, but to add something of your self. Do you agreee?
We are in a moment of people love to customize all her things to have something O.O.A.K (one of a kind) to be different of the rest of the people, to have something especial. People want to see something new, i think we are tired of the massive products. I love to cutomize blythe dolls, i only have one for me but i love make differents dolls and i give to them something from myself..

You obviously like the Blythe dolls, but what other dolls do you find interesting? Why?

I love Nikki & Odeco , they are a little girl and her cat i would love to have and customize them


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